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Nihonmatsu “After making it through the long traffic of Golden Week, we finally arrived at Nihonmatsu where we will spend the next two nights“. Located on top of a hill amongst rice paddies and orchards, we could make out the dark and tall pine trees […]

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Mount Shinobu’s Sakura

While we were still in Fukushima, we decided to visit Mount Shinobu. It was here that I found out that sakura flowers come in different shapes and colours. Walking up from the carpark, we passed a large cemetery overlooking the city. The strong smell of […]

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Evening Walk in Izumi

Not far from Satoshi-san’s house there was a small golf course and behind it was Matsu river. By late afternoon there was hardly anyone outside and it was so quiet. On the golf course there was a sign indicating the radioactive measurement, a safe and […]

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