Pechikado, Sendai, Miyagi

One day as I was walking past the usual corner building in Sendai’s Ichibancho, I noticed a small wooden stool with a poster. On it was a logo that looked like a snowflake. I wasn’t sure if it was an advertisement for a café or a souvenir shop. Out of curiosity, I went up the stairs to find out. That is how I found ペチカ堂 (Pe-chi-ka-do), a joyous little shop for tea lovers

Although Pechikado mainly sells tea, you can also find some souvenirs from Tohoku-based designers.

Named after the Russian word Pechka for large brick stove and a Japanese children’s song that is much loved by the shop owner, Pechikado is filled to the brim from shelves to tabletops with tea from Karel Capek, a Tokyo-based brand that sources its tea exclusively from Lumbini Garden from Sri Lanka. Some of their tea include Tropical Earl Grey (passionfruit and mango), Green Garden Herb Tea (grapefruit, lemongrass and elderflower), Milk Caramel Tea (natural caramel scent) to name a few.

So many flavours and cute designs to choose from!

Pechikado was a real happy find for me. You see, after living in Sendai for more than half a year, I still haven’t found a café that offers decent tea. On one hand, they often have a wide selection of coffee or speciality sweet drinks menus, such as syrupy soda and fruit juice mixes or tapioca bubble drinks. However, if a café offers tea on their menu, it’s often some kind of chai concoctions (which I have found are often rather bland) or supermarket grade earl grey with a high price tag and little flavour. A café I once frequented would happily charge you over half the price of a box of tea bags for one paper cup of loose teabag dipped in burning hot water. By the time the tea is at a more reasonable temperature for consumption, your drink ends up tasting like bitter water. 

Compared to the shoddy but expensive café experience, Karel Capek’s tea is on a whole different level. Even for someone like me who often lazily makes tea with the help of a microwave, it was surprisingly delicious and its sweet aroma lingered long after. Then again, tea doesn’t have to be confined to just a cup of hot water. Karel Capek’s website offers a list of various drinks recipes you can make with their tea. That includes tea mocktails and fruity soda tea and even tea-flavoured desserts!

Here I used Karel Capek’s “Bright Blue Eye” which has butterfly pea as one of its main ingredients and mixed it with shikuwasa citrus juice and honey.

I’ve been told that the temperature will soon start cooling down so maybe it’s time to stock up on some tea. Besides, if you’re not a tea drinker, the cute Karel Capek tea boxes make for great gifts too. Pechikado is located at 1 Chome-14-30 Ichibanchō, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi. The shop is open every day from 11 am to 6 pm.

You can visit Pchikado’s website here:

Pechikado is located on the top right of the building.

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