Evening Walk in Izumi, Fukushima

Not far from Satoshi-san’s house there was a small golf course and behind it was Matsu river. By late afternoon there was hardly anyone outside and it was so quiet. On the golf course there was a sign indicating the radioactive measurement, a safe and normal level for Japan.

We followed a narrow path next to the river and came across some trees with white flowers. Those were sakura trees! Although most of the flowers had fallen off, we were still excited to see them. We didn’t come on this trip to see sakura flowers, much less expected that we would even catch a glimpse of sakura flowers because it was quite late during the season.

On the other side of the riverbank, we noticed a few sakura trees with some flowers on the branches. So we proceeded to cross the bridge to get closer to those trees. Then we realised that the path was actually lined with sakura trees. It must be so stunning to walk on this path when they are in full bloom. Standing around, we noticed a big tree next to what seemed like an abandoned building. Unlike others, itstill had a lot of flowers left on its wide reaching branches. This graceful tree was the start of our proper encounter with a sakura tree.

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